The firm offers legal advice, above all in the fields of m&a, corporate law, commercial law and law of succession. The clients of the firm consist in particular of medium-sized companies, family-owned companies as well as their shareholders or bodies. The firm follows an economical counseling approach, looking at each case in its entirety. This includes ethical aspects and aims for example at the best possible observing of peace within the family. Furthermore, we understand as an economical counseling approach the securing of an adequate relation between the firm’s charges and the economic value of the matter. Due to the firm’s size we offer the necessary flexibility for individual solutions which take into consideration the particularities of the respective case.

Corporate law

Corporate law comprises the support and advice concerning basically all questions re rights and obligations of shareholders and bodies of a company. Furthermore we take care of the so-called corporate housekeeping, i.e. the ongoing care for corporate matters. Finally we help you with regard to the optimal choice of the legal entity for your enterprise, the drafting of the articles of association and by-laws as well as the establishment of the entity.


The term m&a or mergers & acquisitions means pursuant to our understanding the assistance in the sale and purchase of companies. This comprises the structuring and the lead of the acquisition or sale process as well as the drafting and negotiation of the share purchase or asset deal agreement. Due to reasons of capacity we are not able to conduct a due diligence by ourselves, but we provide support in its coordination as well as in the analysis of the results of such due diligence.

Commercial law

The scope of commercial law comprises the questions of civil and commercial law that accrue during the day-to-day course of business. These can be inter alia purchase contracts, contracts to produce a certain result or commercial lease agreements. Furthermore distribution contracts, licensure agreements as well as the drafting of other documents pertaining to commercial law, e.g. proxies, belong to this field of law. Finally questions regarding e-commerce pertain to the field of commercial law as well as the drafting of general terms and conditions.

Law of succession

In the field of law of succession we provide advice regarding the structuring of your estate as well as the drafting of your last will. This comprises support in the planning of the succession in the shareholding of a company. Furthermore we represent your interests in litigations or assist in the formal distribution and administration of an estate.